Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co Tugs


My paternal grandfather great grandfather, John H. Worden [view his tree], was a harbor pilot for Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co.  He later worked for Dalzell Towing, according to his 1942 ID card. He married the daughter of Captain John Savage, Miss Electa A. Savage; his brother, Harry, married Electa’s sister, Edith. Harry & Edith’s daughter, Emily, married ‘Les’ (Lester Leib) labeled in several of the crew photos. Sadly, Electa died when their son, John E. (see Messeck & Moran album) was but 11 years old, so John E. and his siblings were raised by their uncle Harry and aunt Edith. This first album is John H. Worden working on the tug, Plymouth, of Lehigh & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. In a few letters remaining intact between father and son, John H. describes a bit of life on the Plymouth, and speaks of steaming up the coast to Boston and other places in New England. These letters can be found in the Old Photos & Letters album.

Rare Old Photos from my paternal line of Tugs and their Crew

Posted June 25, 2011